Complete Wellness Coaching


Coaching To Ground You

In a world of haste and uncertainty, we are taught to make split-second decisions that can impact every aspect of our future without the needed information, support, and confidence. It is no wonder many lay awake at night questioning every action we have ever taken throughout our public and private lives. This is a constant state of disconnect, disorder, and distraction.

In order to come back into alignment with your full potential, it is pinnacle that you reconnect with your purpose, passion, and self. This awareness assists in being grounded. From this place of clarity, it becomes easier to make the right choices for your life and honor your complete wellness.

Ask Yourself The Following:

  • Do you struggle to find your inner voice?
  • Do you feel consistently overwhelmed or stressed?
  • Do you want to wake up without needing coffee?
  • Do you want to understand what your body is really saying?
  • Do you want your health to work for you?
  • Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself?
  • Do you want to have more meaningful friendships?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to your partner?
  • Do you want to have resources that fully support you?
  • Are you ready for the next step?
  • “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

    Tony Robbins

    Foundation For Living

    When a person is in poor health all aspects of their lives are affected. Other people tend to be able to notice the inconsistencies, signs, and symptoms. The media and publications tend to portray the face of health as a gimmick, trend, or superficial issue solved by purchasing products to simply mask the symptoms. Authentic health comes from honing in on and healing the various levels of existence: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

    With focused awareness, we can create the structures and systems that honor our whole self and put into place the framework for sustainable, holistic self care. We accomplish this through listening to our bodies, understanding how to make life work for us, learning how to balance what comes our way, acknowledging what is missing, getting grounded, and applying what to do when something takes us off course.

    Stages Of This Work

    As a mentor, teacher, and facilitator, my role is as diverse as my clients’ needs and desires. Each session is unique and custom to the energies of that present moment. This is an overview of the steps taken to achieve optimal goals.

    1. Agreement
    Show Up, Be Vulnerable, and Get Clear.

    2. Connection
    Self, Spirit, and Universe.

    3. Process
    Taking Responsibility, Relationship with Self, and Owning Outcomes.

    4. Homework
    Staying Mindful, Present to What Is, and Incorporating Lessons Learned.

    What to Expect

    Coaching for me is discovering what’s important to you and grounding that into your life. How I work with clients is first creating a safe space for you to fully express yourself, while checking your energy, and verbal cues.

    I am then am able to reflectively share back with you what I see and hear, while we discover together what’s missing and what structures need to be put in the place to support your life. Resulting in creating work-ability and clarity in all areas. How we show up in one area is how we show up everywhere.

    Together, we create an experience that provides a new way of looking at your life and leaves you feeling calm, clear and connected.