Massage Energy Healing


No Owner’s Manual

Touch therapy is an amazing tool to help release emotional, physical, and energetic blockages, as well as stress. Our bodies are communicating machines. Through massage therapy and energy healing, we are able to open up to a new realm of communication and see what’s missing. This enables us to see what can be brought in to make us feel whole and complete.

We only get one body in this lifetime. It is my commitment to my clients that they leave each session with a closer relationship to their body and a deeper understanding of what their body is trying to communicate. Those who specifically show up with physical or emotional trauma usually experience a sense of release and renewal through our work together.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

Reconnect Through BodyWork

There is a long history of touch as a natural, essential component to healing and health maintenance. Working in the world of Wellness for over a decade now, a noticeable pattern emerged amongst clients: many are disconnected from their own bodies and lack the simple expression of touch. This connection is desired and needed, but was not something we were taught. Massage bridges this gap.

Massage therapy is a healing art. It creates an opportunity to reconnect our body, mind, and muscles, — and our awareness of them — while enabling us to rise out of discomfort. Intuitively tuning in to the client’s specific needs, each session is a dance between the subtle and the physical body, as we train them to speak the same language of wellness.

Focused Work to Get Unstuck

Everything has energy and that energy has its own brand of wisdom to impart. Being able to connect with that information, and direct it where it needs to go, keeps the body healthy and flowing.

Many of the body’s physical manifestations of energetic blockages provide an awareness of the recurrent emotional aspects that have gone unaddressed. Bringing awareness to your own energy, what its challenges are, and how it provides for you, creates an opportunity for deeper levels of healing.

What to Expect

Our needs and what is present for us changes daily, if not moment to moment. Because of this, every session has an organic, authentic approach to how the client and their body will be served.

As we talk, I listen to verbal cues, as well as take notice of the body’s structural alignment and signals it shares with me.

Open communication is integral throughout the healing process. As a practitioner, I partner with you to advocate for your success and support you in your journey to better health. Together, we create an experience that provides a new way of looking at self-care and leaves you feeling revitalized.