Client Shares

Heidi is wonderful and deeply connected. Her personality is as beautiful as her knowledge is vast. An incredible pleasure to work with.

Ruby R.

Heidi Frank is my “go to” person for massage. I always feel much better after my sessions with her. Her great massage techniques are only enhanced by her caring, compassionate nature and sunny disposition. I highly recommend Heidi.

Victoria C.

Heidi is amazing! Can’t say enough great things! The only bad part for me is that I have moved since I started seeing her — over 7 years ago — so now I don’t see her as often as I would love to. I highly, highly recommend Heidi! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. Also ask about Juice Plus — I did and have been grateful ever since!

Aimee F.

Heidi is a miracle worker…literally. I have been seeing Heidi for a few months now and she is not only attentive and knows her stuff, but she is professional, fun, and such a great presence when it comes to bodywork. It’s never just a massage, it’s a collaborative process where she tunes into my needs and where my body is at that day. My body has changed since going to her and I am religious when it comes to me 1x/month visit. She is so professional, on time, makes those reminder calls, and is just a delight. If you are looking for an amazing therapist in the N. Seattle area, you need to see her! She creates miracles, is a healer, and a stand-out professional in the massage industry.

Jen C.

I received my first ever professional massage from Heidi. The massage room had a great peaceful atmosphere that made relaxing incredibly easy. I was surprised to find that the massage table was heated and once the massage started I could feel stress just melting away. Heidi was very attentive to what I wanted out of the massage and asked about any areas and made sure to check with me that the pressure was ok. I definitely plan on seeing Heidi again and would recommend her to anybody looking for a great massage.

Michael W.

I went to Heidi Frank for my foot and back pain. She was the best! After my deep tissue massage I felt brand new! The stress on my feet was gone and my back felt like a weight has been lifted off. I recommend Heidi to everyone that needs some tension and stress taken off your body. Her office was very clean and the atmosphere in her massage room calmed and relaxed me. The floating hanging lights from the ceiling made me dose off into a dreamy state. I also noticed that Heidi worked with promoting health and wellness with a business called Juice Plus. I inquired about Juice Plus further and she was more than excited to introduce this program to me. She is such a sweet heart.

Cameron H.

On and off I have been receiving massage therapy for about 30 years (I have a terrible back). The reason I saw Heidi the first time was because of the recommendation of the Chiropractor she works with.

That said, I currently see Heidi every week. She is truly wonderful. She is a great communicator and always wants to know how you’re doing with any pain before she starts her work. I love it when someone is as professional & practiced at their skills as I would like to think I am at mine. My body has been going through some real changes since I started seeing Heidi and she knows exactly what is needed every single time I see her.

In a world where shabby work and the unprofessional is accepted as normal or good, it is so refreshing to spend time with a true professional and artist [I think it is an art]. Like it says after the 5 stars, “Woohoo! As good as it gets!”

Robert B.

Heidi is the best! I’ve received several massages from her over the years, and will continue to do so in the future. Fortunately my business travels take me to the Seattle area frequently and I always try to schedule one in advance. She is excellent at what she does and seems to be really dedicated to her profession. No knots in these shoulders afterward! Highly recommended!

John B.

Heidi is just awesome. She can tailor the massage to your individual needs. I was visiting the Seattle area to climb Mt. Rainier, and I received two massages. One before the climb to loosen me up, and a second, post-climb to soothe all my tired muscles. Both massages were great! I get massages regularly back home and try to fit some in when traveling as well. Go see her. You won’t be disappointed.

Ruben C.

I have been getting massage therapy for over 10 years. I started going to Heidi 3 years ago and even now that I live in Renton, I happily make the drive to Seattle to see her. She is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. Each massage is tailored to what your body needs. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her services!

Tina B.

After seeing the same massage therapist, who recently closed her business, I was needing to find a new one. I tried a few different massage therapists and none of them were what I was looking for. Due to my history with lower back problems I needed to find someone who not only listened to what I needed but also had the skills to focus on those issues. A friend recommended me to Heidi and after 5 minutes I knew that she was going to be great. I have been seeing her for the last 4 months and I have recommended her to both my family and friends! She is amazing! Easy to schedule with and sends reminders via text. which is so helpful for this busy mom.

Cindy E.

I “heart” Heidi! I’ve been seeing her since about 2007, following her as I moved around Seattle. Heidi is not only highly professional–listening to what your particular issues are, considering your lifestyle and the unique stresses you place on your body. While she’s rather petite, she is strong and can provide as much pressure as needed/desired. More importantly, Heidi takes her cues from you, is highly attentive, cheerful, and very friendly. I always look forward to my next appointment. I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi to others.

Casey S.

Heidi is the best LMP I have met and I would highly recommend her services. She listens to her client’s specific concerns at the beginning of each session and adjusts her massage style to meet the individual’s needs. After struggling with pain for years and seeing a variety of LMPs during that time, I found Heidi; she is the only person I have seen who has the knowledge and skills to alleviate my pain. In addition to her massage skills, she cares about her clients and is very flexible with scheduling.

Elizabeth T.

Heidi is the BEST! I hadn’t seen her in about a year. I recently suffered some sort of neck injury involving my lower disks in my neck. After suffering about 6 weeks of muscle spasms and constant pain, my physician prescribed massage. I immediately thought of Heidi and her magic hands. I’ve seen Heidi 3 times and I am happily on the road to healing. She gets in there and does some amazing work. It’s not a pleasant spa massage but a deep therapeutic massage that is finally helping my body heal. She truly knows what she’s doing and genuinely cares.

Anna Marie S.

My chiropractor recommended Heidi for my chronic back pain and sciatica and I just had her massage yesterday. I also had annoying neck pain since 4 days ago which I couldn’t shake… but wow! my neck and back are feeling much better after her massage. The neck pain was bugging me so much that I was not sleeping well for the last few days but I slept like a baby last night! She is professional and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her for medical massage and massage for relaxation.

Neko-Ramen K.

Heidi is an amazing massage therapist. I found her while searching for a chiropractor and LMP in my area. I needed a skilled person to help me with my repetitive injuries. Massage is a unique experience and you should be comfortable with your therapist. I felt comfortable with Heidi from the start! She has a laid back personality and is a good listener.

Heidi is a holistic practitioner, who really knows a lot about the human body and how to take good care of it. She was able to suggest daily exercises that helped me heal my injuries and stay healthy overall.

Heidi is able to read my muscles well. She provides the adequate pressure to help my muscles relax and release stress. She definitely has a healing touch and I highly recommend her!

Ten A.

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