Heidi is wonderful and deeply connected. Her personality is as beautiful as her knowledge is vast. An incredible pleasure to work with.
Ruby R.

Heidi is a miracle worker…literally. I have been seeing Heidi for a few months now and she is not only attentive and knows her stuff, but she is professional, fun, and such a great presence when it comes to bodywork. It’s never just a massage, it’s a collaborative process where she tunes into my needs and where my body is at that day. My body has changed since going to her and I am religious when it comes to me 1x/month visit. She is so professional, on time, makes those reminder calls, and is just a delight. If you are looking for an amazing therapist in the N. Seattle area, you need to see her! She creates miracles, is a healer, and a stand-out professional in the massage industry.

Jen C.

Heidi is a sweet gem of a healer. Her therapeutic proficiency comes from years of honing her skills at reading the energy body with humor and grace, touching the physical body with reverence and precision and always listening deeply. She is a gift and offers her gifts with generosity and gentleness.

Heidi is an incredible energy worker and intuitive reader – I can say that with confidence because I watched her grow from a student into a professional with steadfastness, consistency and grace. Heidi’s intuitive readings are spot on, and she delivers information in a way that is kind and gentle, punctuated with tension-releasing playfulness that always makes me feel that no matter what I’m going through, I’ve got this – and she’s got me. If you’ve ever wanted an intuitive reading, Heidi is a great person to work with – she’s grounded and her information always comes with a practical step to help you in your own growth. She’s approachable, funny and, most importantly – accurate. Her energy healings always feel to me like being swathed in a gentle cocoon of warmth, and changes always occur after she works on me. She’s the real deal.

Anna H

Heidi is the best LMP I have met and I would highly recommend her services. She listens to her client’s specific concerns at the beginning of each session and adjusts her massage style to meet the individual’s needs. After struggling with pain for years and seeing a variety of LMPs during that time, I found Heidi; she is the only person I have seen who has the knowledge and skills to alleviate my pain. In addition to her massage skills, she cares about her clients and is very flexible with scheduling.
Elizabeth H.

Heidi is a master of discerning what is needed in any situation and delivering gold. She is an fabulous listener and hears what I’m truly saying.. her reflection has given me many golden nuggets in living life authentically. I highly recommend working with Heidi.. you will love her and you will love you!
Julie L.

Heidi Frank is my “go to” person for massage. I always feel much better after my sessions with her. Her great massage techniques are only enhanced by her caring, compassionate nature and sunny disposition. I highly recommend Heidi.

Victoria C.

Energy reading from Heidi today was amazing! She helped me sooo much it was worth the time & money spent with her & i would totally do this again! She is truly gifted & amazing at what she does. I can’t even put into words how helpful this energy reading was today. She moved/helped with blocks & emotions & things that I couldn’t describe to anyone else she put into words to help me move forward in my life in a positive way! So amazing!!!
Aimee F.

“Heidi’s work is usually the highlight of my month. Whenever I make time to experience her work, whether it’s massage, energy healing, food advice, or just being around her, I walk away with a sense of satisfaction and ease. My body unwinds, my spirit recharges – and my tummy gets a workout from laughing so hard! I recommend her to anyone who wants to be cared for, supported, educated, and when they want to unwind. She’s the best.”
Amanda M.

She is an intuitive, expert healer who has partnered with me for years to increase my mobility and flexibility so that my body can perform well in the gym and in everyday life. She listens to my body and to me in each session – adapting her massage techniques accordingly.  Heidi is a superb masseuse – the best I have ever seen.
Stephanie W.

I would have to say this is the best massage I ever had. Heidi is a very caring person and has a lovely positive personality. She made sure she is not just massaging but also help taking care of what ever pain I was having. She made me feel comfortable and focused on all the sore tight areas of my body w/out telling her where they were. I feel so much better mind body and soul since going to her. I def. recommend Heidi. I’m looking forward to many more.

Apryl D.

I “heart” Heidi!  I’ve been seeing her since about 2007, following her as I moved around Seattle.  Heidi is not only highly professional–listening to what your particular issues are, considering your lifestyle and the unique stresses you place on your body.  While she’s rather petite, she is strong and can provide as much pressure as needed/desired.  More importantly, Heidi takes her cues from you, is highly attentive, cheerful, and very friendly.  I always look forward to my next appointment.  I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi to others.

Casey K

I had a Zero Balance session today with Heidi- I have never experienced anything like it. I have done energy healing work with her, have yet to get bodywork from her, and I have a feeling that this is where they meet. I walked away feeling physically and energetically decompressed- I felt lighter and more spacious, like it was easier to move my body, and like it was easier for my bones to find their point of least resistance against gravity. I normally get 90+ minute massages because an hour doesn’t ever feel like enough. I have NEVER felt so aligned and spacious after 45 minutes of anything. Highly recommend Zero Balance with Heidi- it’s truly phenomenal.

Daisy G.

I worked with Heidi and the Juice+ products for 30 days and feel great. I am continuing to use them and feel that Heidi’s coaching and check in, along with a really quality product help me brake some habits and be mindful about what I was eating. I did have some weight loss, but more importantly, I am sleeping better, thinking more clearly and have found a lot of new good plant based recipes that my whole family likes. Along with the supplements, I have to recommend the shake and granola bars – they have great taste and are very satisfying.
Kate R.

Having a regular massage from Heidi is critical to my health.  As someone who has had occasional issues with my lower back, or numbness in my hands, or tight muscles – to have a regular opportunity to make sure any issues are dealt with before they get critical and completely take me out is so important to me.  I have not had any back injuries since starting to work with her- and I know that by having regular body work done- my body is so much better at handling the every day stress that I deal with.  Being in construction and having a physical job requires me have a highly skilled and magical body worker- I could not do what I do without her.

There is a special talent Heidi uses when I’ve received energy work, healings and readings from her.  Her insight and intuitive readings had given me a clear direction that I still use to this day.  I don’t know what direction of my life I’d be going in without having had those healings and readings from her.  I’m so grateful.  I can’t recommend her enough!

Casey M.

I have been going to Heidi for therapeutic massage for a few years now and I must say that she is nothing short of AMAZING. At this point, Heidi can usually judge my mood and without me needing to verbally express it, she knows whether I want a quiet massage or if we should catch up during it. She has also become such a master of her craft that, although I do tell her if I have any “problem areas” that I want her to address, she will always find them regardless. She is hands-down the best massage practitioner I have ever been to. If you like deep tissue, she will definitely push your comfort zone and if you like a more relaxing experience, she will have you in a state of zen. Not only is she fantastic at her job, she is simply an amazing person. I have grown to truly respect, adore and admire Heidi. I look forward to every time I get to see her! She is the absolute best, don’t even bother looking elsewhere 🙂

Jonathon F.

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