You are what you absorb

Physically and Energetically What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “you are what you consume”?   Maybe you think, “shouldn’t it be ‘eat’?” Or maybe your mind goes to, “Oh yeah, I probably should have thought of that before my extra dessert last night,”...

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What “being” grounded (really) means

Have you ever heard the term “get grounded”? This phrase came up a lot while I was in massage school, taking a yoga class, and in other various life situations around spiritual or body practices, but no one (until I went through clarvoiant training) ever really...

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10 ways to reduce food waste

Do you ever get excited about all the amazing things you’re going to cook, or get hypnotized by the beautiful colors in the produce section or farmer’s market? I do. Food for me is like foreplay, and eating the meal is like...well, you know =) The greens talk to me...

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Crafting a Life

Everything in life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And what we live out is a whole lotta middle.   Being in the middle is about integrating, transition, being in the sh*t, and asking yourself: what do you want to experience while you’re there? These are my...

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Traveling with food allergies

When I started writing this article, all I could think about was my bloated belly and being on my third day of diarrhea.   Little did I know that the diarrhea would last 10 days, and complement a side order of bloating, brain fog, and nausea, with a dash of...

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Structure = Freedom You were aiming for freedom but got chaos instead. { You jumped into the hustle, joined the go-go-go, scheduled all of the things and a pedicure too and still feel like you're running on fumes. You were told this way of living would give you...

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