There’s this thing I need to get off my chest (I promise this is worth reading all the way through); I don’t want to just tell you about it, it’s something I want to do with you!! Will you take me home with you for the month of December?


Eeeek! Imagine waking up together Monday-Friday, having our coffee together as I whisper sweet nothings into your ear (well, eyeballs actually because you’ll be reading my words through email). We’ll sit by the fire as we begin to uncover who the hell we are ending 2019, discover where we really want to go, and devise how to create that future in a way that won’t make you want to crack open a bottle of wine and binge-watch Netflix a week after trying it on.


How it works


Starting December 1st, you’ll get an email from me Monday-Friday, with little love messages and prompts for you to try (thinking, talking, writing). These will only take a few minutes to read or listen to, and will support you in uncovering your ideal 2020. 


Even if you don’t do any of the practices, and simply read each email, I promise you’ll get the wheels turning in a direction that serves you. If you’d like to participate, click here to be added to the list!


What put a fire under my butt to offer this NOW


The universe has smacked me upside the head — she isn’t calling me to action, she’s literally yelling at me to do something. Have you ever experienced a moment like that? Life is constantly giving you little nudges or small hints about where to move next. And when we don’t listen — it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at selective hearing — when you’re meant to do something, your life will course correct so that you can hear her. Well, that’s happened to me; I’ve taken action behind the scenes, but I haven’t made any of it public yet. 


I’m listening now, universe, I promise!!! 


She’s been sending me a message around the same topic — I have something to teach, NOW. There are topics and ideas I’m highly skilled at, which I approach differently than the average person. But guess what? I know a lot of non-average people! And they might benefit from trying things my way! I’m seeing these little universe nudges show up in conversations, in articles I’ve been reading — and frankly they are driving me crazy. Why?!  Because I get the message — it’s time to get my butt in gear! 


It’s painful to watch people I care about live in overwhelm, or not know how to take a path uniquely designed for them, but I see this all the time. I believe it’s because the world is set up to keep you busy. You’re rewarded for burnout, for giving up the things that matter most; after all, that makes you look dedicated to your work or whatever other obligations we think we need to do. You’ve been set up to stay busy, and sometimes feel forced to have your life look a certain way so you can be socially acceptable…even if it doesn’t serve you.


I’m being called to contribute in this area (both by practicing my techniques and by being a role model to others), and I’ve been hiding out instead of stepping forward. Why?! You know how scary it is to not fit in and put all your work, beliefs, and values out there when they don’t match up to everything else out there. Have you felt stuck, too? 


I’m ready to let go of my frustration (which is really my passion disguised) and move forward in this direction. Will you come with me? I promise we can figure this out together. 


The missing piece around goal setting


This time of year we start to think about goal setting, make new year’s resolutions, or try to figure out what’s next in life. Most of us have an idea or desire but aren’t quite sure on all the little pieces that it’s going to take to get there. You’ve tried SMART goals, manifesting, vision boards, finding your “why”, creating a plan, taking courses on how to move forward…you get inspired for a week then can’t seem to squeeze these new views into your current lifestyle. 


Is it just me or is there something not quite working anymore?!


These practices don’t serve us all — why?! Because we aren’t all meant to follow the same bread crumbs. Most of our world is set up for the analytical, logical, and technical minds that don’t make room for the creative non-measurable parts of life. And we creative, intuitive, sensitive types don’t have all the answers, either…


I’ve noticed, though, that my approach to goal setting (which I’ve been adjusting for years) has finally started to get me out of the busy trap. You know the one — where all those analytical goals just get overwhelming because when are you actually going to do them? How do they fit with the other areas of responsibility you have to juggle? 


You experience life, you don’t goal it.


What’s missing is both measurable and non-measurable experiences, and how to create and support your life to move around these areas. Life isn’t a straight line so stop trying to move that way. Let’s make room for what’s most important — things like relationships, self-care, connecting to what brings us JOY… You know, the things that actually matter and that you want to take with you when you die. I promise you if you lead with this first, the rest of life will start to fall into place and your missing clarity will start to shine on the inside and outside, showing you the way.


Let’s create a foundation for a well-rounded 2020 together. You’ll learn how to get started in my sample 30-day email campaign starting in December, and if you’d like to learn how to really live it, you can continue with me for a year of implementation (more details to come soon). We’ll lock arms and move through the parts that we get stuck in, that disconnect us, and start to re-map our paths in a direction that serves us.

Exciting, right!? One more time, if you want to take me home to your inbox every weekday, starting in my sample month of December, click here  🙂