On The Table

Customized Sessions
You are a whole person, and between the time you make your appointment and the time you arrive for your session, a lot can change. By tailoring each appointment to your specific needs, we can adapt to those changes in any given moment. We do this by working with all your systems (energetic, mental, emotional, and physical), bridging the gap between how you experience yourself and what your body is trying to tell you. This creates the opportunity for you to access more of your resources, and be available for communication the body has to offer. 

Listening is the first step to healing. With focused listening and embodied awareness, you can create the structures and systems that honor your whole self and put into place the framework for sustainable, holistic self-care.

Intuitive Guidance
Also called intuitive or energy readings, in this session you receive an aura reading with energy healing support. Think of me as your translator, helping you make sense of subtle (sometimes vague) cues that you can feel under the surface, but can’t put words to yet. These quiet nudges are information on a subtle level that’s trying to share guidance with you (much like how body tensions can come from stress trying to tell you something’s off). I’ll help you uncover these messages, and you can start exploring and recognizing your own cues.

Zero Balancing (ZB)
This is a fully clothed, non-verbal efficient way to balance your body’s energy and physical structure at the same time. Zero balancing offers a deeper level of healing without the time commitment that other sessions might take. This session balances the body on all levels creating a sense of peace and rejuvenation, bringing you back to ground zero.

Sound Bath
Sound Therapy is a deep non-verbal way to call in therapeutic and restorative vibrations (sound waves) to support the transformation of your mind, body, and soul. Saturating every cell in your body with healing tones can relax the soft tissue of the body, break up blocks in the mind, and expand consciousness through journey work. This experience is fully clothed, where you’re lying down in a comfortable position with a blanket and eye mask and letting the sound take you on a supportive internal journey.

Massage is a powerful but underutilized tool for communicating with the body. When you receive touch therapy, the tensions and discomforts that present themselves at that time are a physical expression reflecting how you experience yourself and your environment. Your emotions and how you move, think, and feel all impact how you carry yourself. By creating more space in the body, we can find calm, breathe more deeply, and create more room in our experience. This helps us be less reactive, more centered, and grounded.

Off The Table

Our bodies respond to complex emotional and physical factors (daily) – and keeping our bodies healthy can be challenging to do on your own. While you can’t physically take me home with you, I do offer home-based tools and practices to continue “the work” off the table. I’m here to help you along the way through The Subtle Side of Self-Care workbook (coming soon), Guided Meditations (coming soon), Juice Plus, and insights through my Monthly Musings Newsletter. Let’s work together to help you gain more clarity, uncover your truth, and prioritize your time and your energy without sacrificing your soul.


Cash, check, all major credit and HSA cards accepted. Forms for insurance reimbursement provided upon request.

60-Minute Session
This session provides time for full body relaxation and the alleviation of stress & body discomfort.

90-Minute Session
This session is optimal for treating specific problem areas as well as addressing the whole body – it’s a client favorite!

120-Minute Session
This session is for combination work (only).

3 Series Packages

Make a healthy, long term relationship commitment to yourself! All packages are offered at a discount as noted below.
Session series must be used within a year of the purchase date and are non-refundable.

3 – 60 min sessions for $345
3 – 90 min sessions for $510
3 – 120 min sessions for $675

Listening is the first step to healing. With focused listening and embodied awareness, you can create the structures and systems that honor your whole self and put into place the framework for sustainable, holistic self-care.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of healing, clarity and calm to family, friends and colleagues.
Order, pay and redeem your printable gift certificate online.
60 Minutes $130 | 90 Minutes $190 | 120 minutes $250


My practice is open to new clients. Your referrals are most welcome.

Monthly Musings

A virtual platform to tune into my intuitive insights, support you following YOUR internal conversation, and stay up-to-date with the latest & greatest from SBS!