Love is the fabric that holds us all together. I already love you, because we’re in this human game together.

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I believe that everyone has the right to heal.

Health is not a gimmick. It is not something that only wealthy, white, “normal” people deserve – health is a basic human right, and healing is the natural homeostasis of the body, mind and soul. Sustainable health starts with bringing awareness to the various levels of existence – physical, mental, emotional, energetic – and listening to what is being asked/said.

Listening is the first step to healing.

With focused listening and embodied awareness, you can create the structures and systems that honor your whole self and put into place the framework for sustainable, holistic self-care. This happens through listening to your body, understanding how to make life work for you, learning how to respond to life resourcefully, acknowledging what is missing, grounding, and finding our resilience when something takes us off course.

I believe that structure is the key for personal & spiritual freedom.
Structure designed by the world is self-limiting, but structure designed by the self and for the self is freeing. Without structure, you more easily stray from your path and become vulnerable to the outside influences of the world – the ideas of society, the hottest trends, how your friends are living and the expectations of your family. Everyone is going to have an opinion of how you should be and how you should live. When you follow the opinions of others that don’t match your deep truth, it won’t work. Period.
I believe that your best resources are within you.

You’re encouraged by every billboard, commercial, and cereal box to look outside of yourself for truth, but this will never work, nor will it ever be satisfying. A hotdog from the gas station might hit the spot in the moment, but it’s won’t have the same effect as a nourishing, home-cooked meal. We’ve all learned to seek validation outside of our own truth, but truth lies within. We find our internal truth by quieting the outside world, going in, and listening.

I believe that no one has to live in overwhelm.
Overwhelm is a sign that you’ve had too much, too fast, too soon – your system is overloaded. Overwhelm is a sign that it’s time to call on your inner and outer resources to help you create a greater capacity for meeting life. The truth is that the world is becoming more and more stimulating, and life happens, pulling us in every direction. You can learn what your resources are, what your truth is, and how to increase your system’s capacity to show up fully to life.
I believe It is your birthright to take up space.
(Thank you, oh, wise, Jennifer Sundstrom, for showing me the way)
If it’s your birthright to take up space why do you live so small? I have learned, from personal experience, that it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong, at any point in time. Our world simply hasn’t been set up for you to step into your power successfully.
Psst – I’m trying to change that!

I believe we can create a world in which you don’t have to prove yourself, over-perform, or be valued only in how you make money in the world. Until that happens – until we change the world – you have to learn that your power is something that is always there. It’s just that learning how to tap into it can be difficult. That’s why I’m here.

I believe that bodywork is a tool to reconnect.
There is a long history of touch as a natural, essential component to healing and health maintenance. Working in the world of wellness for over a decade now, I’ve noticed a pattern emerge – many of us are disconnected from our own bodies and lack the simple expression of touch. This connection is desired and needed, but was not something we were always taught. Massage bridges this gap.
Massage therapy is an opportunity to reconnect your body, mind, and spirit, — and your awareness of them — while enabling you to rise out of discomfort.
I believe you can use the language of energy as a tool.
Everything in life has a vibration or an energy. Energy contains information. Within that information holds tools for you to check-in and access yourself on the day-to-day. Anything that is happening in your physical body first started with a subtle component, so working with energy is a way to shift your physical reality for the better.
Energy wasn’t taught in school, so many people miss the subtle cues that your body was naturally designed to communicate. You might not know how to listen to your body until pain sets in and your body is screaming at you. But by the time you reach that point, the problem has been building for weeks, month, or even years. By learning how to read between the lines, connecting the subtle and physical worlds, you’re now able to receive information before it physically forms in the body.
I believe we must come together to change our world for the better.

AKA: You’re not in this alone. Love is the fabric that holds us all together. It connects us, holds us, supports us, nurtures us. It’s necessary for this work. I already love you, because we’re in this human game together. Let’s do this, yes?

Heidi is the best LMP I have met and I would highly recommend her services. She listens to her client’s specific concerns at the beginning of each session and adjusts her massage style to meet the individual’s needs. After struggling with pain for years and seeing a variety of LMPs during that time, I found Heidi; she is the only person I have seen who has the knowledge and skills to alleviate my pain. In addition to her massage skills, she cares about her clients and is very flexible with scheduling.
Elizabeth H.

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