I believe that everyone has the right to heal. Health is not a gimmick. Health is a basic human right.

Heidi is a sweet gem of a healer. Her therapeutic proficiency comes from years of honing her skills at reading the energy body with humor and grace, touching the physical body with reverence and precision and always listening deeply. She is a gift and offers her gifts with generosity and gentleness.

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Heidi Palmer, LMT

Hi, my name is Heidi! I consider myself to be a sparkly unicorn with intuitive gifts; I have a big laugh, bigger heart, and a passion for helping others heal. 

(Okay, so one of my best friends wrote part of that – but she’s not wrong, so I’m letting it stand. Let’s unpack that a bit, shall we?)

Being “a sparkly unicorn” is how I’ve chosen to reframe always feeling “different” into something good – because not fitting in doesn’t always feel great, but it turns out it can give you a sense of humor. Even better, being different helped me follow my heart to discover my passion.

…Which I did by moving far from home, having a few health crises, and embracing and developing my intuitive gifts. 

My passion for healing started with massage therapy (I’ve been a licensed massage therapist in Washington since 2005), followed closely by a nutritional program that made a huge difference for me (Juice Plus+). The more I uncovered about how to feel better in a body, the more I wanted to discover! I won’t bore you with all the readings, courses, and publications I’ve sifted through over the years; just know that I’m a lifelong learner and can wield a library card and an Audible account like a pro.

As I progressed through educational courses and personal development work, I started creating some incredible results for people through whole-body wellness – addressing the mental aspects as well as the physical. Once I found energy healing and intuitive readings, the final pieces fell into place for my business, and Subtle Body Solutions was born in 2016.

And after a 20-year journey, filled with passion, dedication, and unstoppable determination, do you know what I’ve learned? 

People heal themselves best; especially when they address the whole human system – body, mind, and soul.

There are so many paths available to accomplish this. I certainly don’t have all the answers, and I’m not a fit for every person – I’m a little out there (“sparkly unicorn” was your big clue).

What I do well is hold space for your discovery, while offering a large lifestyle toolkit backed by expert services.

I don’t fix you, or put you through a set program. We co-create your healing with life adjustments that work for you, using my skills in massage, energy work, sound healing, intuitive reading, and good old-fashioned listening to support the work.

You are a unique human being, and your approach to healing will be one-of-a-kind. 

The more we get to know each other, the more I can support you in clearing out what’s no longer working, integrating personalized practices to bring in abundance, and processing the feelings that might overflow during the changes. 

You’ll never be too big for this healer to handle – my heart has plenty of room. (Plus, we’ll have some fun and laughs on the way!)

So if you’re interested in moving from deficit to abundance, and nourishing your longest-ever relationship (the one with yourself!), then I’m glad you’re here. 

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