I believe that everyone has the right to heal. Health is not a gimmick. Health is a basic human right.

Heidi is a sweet gem of a healer. Her therapeutic proficiency comes from years of honing her skills at reading the energy body with humor and grace, touching the physical body with reverence and precision and always listening deeply. She is a gift and offers her gifts with generosity and gentleness.

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Heidi Palmer, LMT

Hi, my name is Heidi. A name I recently changed from Adelheith Elsa Frank–try spelling that in preschool. My life, like my name, is complicated and hard to articulate. So, here’s my best shot at giving you a tour of my journey.

My character is the perfect combination of both my parents. I’m infused with my dad’s sensitive, calm presence and witty banter, while I have my mom’s fiery passion that I’m still learning how to tame. Living in these two extremes often leaves me wearing the huh face when my body’s communication and intuition feel like they are warring.

Throughout my younger years, my body constantly felt like it was running on empty – and yet my mental energy and drive had a never-ending gas tank. I would cycle from playing all out to burned out every 4-6 months – and it was not sustainable. I knew it, but didn’t know how to resolve the cycle.

How do you shift something that’s not working, when you don’t know where to go?

This cycling left me feeling lost, confused and tired. And over time, being tired turns into being exhausted. I decided enough was enough, so I did what most rational people do. I moved 1,559 miles away from all my friends and family. I did it to fly solo, find myself and uncover tools to turn my life around. This is where the fun begins.

Before we get all cozy and talk about those tools, here’s a few fun facts about me:
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved to Oklahoma when I was three.
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
(I always rely on spell-check to spell “entrepreneur”)
I’ve always considered myself to be the magical, sparkly unicorn of my family because I never really felt like I fit in.

I realized that my magical sparklyness (aka my “not fitting in”) was actually incredibly useful in developing skills in massage, lifestyle tools and energy work.

Until I took ownership of all of me, my social skills and ability to be around anyone comfortably, fell flat. I didn’t understand at the time what feelings were actually mine or someone else’s. My sensitive body was like a sponge and took on everything. This all melted away the further I went through all of my trainings.

I have always been interested in working with the human body in some form. The more I learned about human anatomy and function through my medical education, the more fascinated I became with supporting the entire human system – body, mind and soul.

As my passion became clearer, I moved to Washington State in 2005 to pursue a license in massage therapy at Ashmead college. After graduating, I opened my massage practice but I was still thirsty for more. An avid reader and enthusiastic researcher, I digested every article, course, study and publication that I could find that encouraged seeking deeper truth about wellness and the human body.

Walking my own path while discovering deeper truths around what it means to be in a body wasn’t always easy. Just becasue the path became clearer, didn’t make it any easier to follow.

Taking a toll on my own body, and had suffered undiagnosable illnesses that caused me fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, migraines, body aches, and inflammation.

I turned this discomfort into fuel to search for clues to gain real, lasting, sustainable healing.
First, in 2009 I found a company called Juice Plus+. My life began to change for the better through their Transform30 program. I was able to take control of my weight, my food choices, and my health. I loved the program so much that I became a T30 Coach and provided this service to my own clients.

My body started to heal, which felt great, and my mind was elevated to a new level of awareness. In 2013, I was introduced to an educational program that gave me the confidence to package my wealth of resources, knowledge, and experience into my wellness coaching business as it is today.

I started co-creating incredible results for my clients through total body wellness. It was amazing!

Amazing, but not yet complete.

Listen to this interview with Anna on my Creative Sensitive Pioneer Spirit. (Podcast)

At a networking meeting in Seattle, I finally connected to that missing piece. As destiny would have it, I met Anna Holden of Sensitivity Uncensored in 2014. After our first conversation, I knew this was my calling and the modality to tie everything I had learned and sought together. I began my studies with Anna around energy healing and intuitive reading work soon after.

In June of 2016, I formally launched my company, Subtle Body Solutions, to share with the world the fruits of my journey. The culmination of over 20 years of passion, dedication, and unstoppable determination to bring whole body wellness to society’s awareness. Through combined work in massage, nutrition, and guidance, I bring my clients full circle from deficit to abundance.

This is what I’m trying to shift!

You’re here because your energy is tapped out, and for most of us we’ve been running on credit for too long. You’re looking for a way to fill up, and not just fill up to get through the day, but saturate yourself so that you can expand your capacity to be with people you love more often and do more of what you love to do.

Everyone can benefit from this work, particularly all of my sensitive, introverted empaths. Please know the there is a way to be present in the world that serves you and decreases your desire to hide out or cancel plans last minute.

Unlike me, you don’t have to go through 20 years of searching for answers, because I’ve created a lifestyle toolkit to help you. A toolkit filled with expert services from massage and intuitive consulting to workbooks and nutritional supplements.

It’s a BIG toolkit. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of the sorting. You just bring you – with all your squirrels – and I’ll pull out the specific tools that you need. Step by step, you’ll reach a place of abundance and fortification, and I’ll be there every step of the way.

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