Have you ever heard the term “get grounded”? This phrase came up a lot while I was in massage school, taking a yoga class, and in other various life situations around spiritual or body practices, but no one (until I went through clarvoiant training) ever really explained what that meant.

When learning energy medicine, some believe setting up protection first is the best way to have sovereignty, but without fully being in your body (focused and grounded), protection is almost impossible because you’re not occupying the space you’re trying to protect. It would be like trying to protect a child in his/her bedroom, while you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner. You see them on a monitor falling down and try leaping towards the screen trying to prevent them from falling – it’s not possible. You see it happening but aren’t available to be there because you’re not in the same area to prevent it.

Grounding is an imprint on the universe, a line of connections stating, “I’m here; it is my birthright to be here. Thank you for supporting me, nourishing me, and holding space for my existence.”

By having a body, we are naturally grounded to the planet (or we would be dead), but we are not always energetically available to be a part of that experience. This is how we truly connect to the physical realm – mind, body, and soul. This is how we also release energy. In physical form we eat food to fuel and nourish our body, we take what we need, and then release the rest – you know how (BM’s) =). We have the ability to do the same thing with our energy.

This approach to grounding that I now teach in my Spiritual Housekeeping Course will give you a specific walkthrough to do just that: ground.