The foundational needs of being human are to stay alive (food, clothing, shelter; straightforward goals). Already, if you’re reading this post, you have access to the internet, so you have more than what most of the world has access to — what a blessing. Once the basics are met, we move from “staying alive” to living life (having more fulfilling experiences).


How you want to live that life is where things get a little tricky sometimes. 


Lots of analytical, logical, and technical minds have suggestions on “how.” But from what I’ve observed, something’s not quite working anymore — even though ‘they’, or ‘our culture’ might encourage an old version.


Moving through this article, I’ll invite you to take on a new approach, and leave the old habits behind. The clearer you can get with your intention of how to live, the less room there is for influences or persuasion from the outside world. To rephrase, the more self-aware you become, the more clarity you’ll find. If you aren’t aware of what’s happening with you and around you, then of course you won’t feel clear.


I’m not saying there’s no room for logic or planning. Yes, life takes planning; and, it’s important to leave room for the magic


So much of our culture wants you to pack your time to the brim. This leaves you no room for the unexpected (flat tire, cat pukes on rug, the emotional needs of a loved one, heater dies); you fall behind, things pile up, and there’s usually no time to recover. Our time is finite, and when we cram something into every minute, how can we listen to ourselves? How will the fun surprises fit in?


We also have a set amount of resources (or access to them); and let’s face it, some of us have privileges and access that others don’t. Regardless of what you have available, we need to take resources into account when planning — like time, they are a measurable area of life. Measurable areas work well with planning and traditional goals. We can plan our work, school functions, finances, workouts, etc… but what about scheduling the strength of a relationship? How you relate to time? The quality of your life, or your sanity? 


These other areas of life are what I call non-measurable areas. When our basic needs are met, we have more space and capacity to be in other life experiences which involve our quality of life, sanity, pleasure etc. Technically, non-measurable areas can be measured, but they are more subjective. More importantly, for most of us they don’t get factored into the planning equation. 


That’s the conversation I want to uncover: you’re an integrated human, with measurable AND non-measurable areas of life. It’s exhausting to compartmentalize everything, try to follow someone else’s path, or live life like it can all be scored. Let’s stop that right here, right now. Let’s uncover a new way that ties these areas together while leaving space for both. 


This is where I come in


It’s time to make room for the things that bring us joy, fuel our tanks, and make us want to get out of bed in the morning. Let’s embrace and expand those non-measurable areas, while bringing in the measurable aspects. After all, you live in a body, and that body also needs measurable resources to function in the world and to take care of yourself. When both function together, the lights can come on and you feel FREE.


Still with me? We’re in this together, after all — I can show you a direction, but you have to walk your own path to it. There will more support coming next month, stay tuned!