I’m a weirdo; did you know that?


It’s possible you are, too, if you’re reading this — we tend to find each other in the midst of all the “normal” people. I have always been and always will be a weirdo, but it took me many many years before I could own that title. And really, that title simply means “I’m comfortable in my own skin”. In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act. Being comfortable in your own skin takes something, especially when the unsolicited comments, judgments, and remarks come flying your way.


To maintain my inner weirdo, I require a lot of support to keep me grounded, centered, and calm. You’re human, you’ve been there — we all need to be reminded of who we really are when the tidal wave of societal demands comes crashing down on us.


One of my legs of support is having many spiritual teachers around me, as well as life and business coaches — it takes a village. I recently booked a session with one of my spiritual healers to gain some guidance and validate my current life experience. (When you choose a life path that’s always growing/expanding/shifting, whatever the speed, I find it helpful to keep these individuals close to maintain my sanity.) 


I’ve gone through some interesting phases and changes over the summer; one change being that I can now see more things that aren’t in physical form, and I am being guided by a higher source to share this truth — it’s terrifying. How do you tell others that you can see spirit animals and talk to live animals like they’re another human? Even as an affirmed weirdo, it’s another level when you can cross over into a different realm and see beyond what the physical eyes are capable of processing.


After having a mini “are you serious” moment with the universe, she told me the more I own this space and growth, the more the universe will show me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be clearly guided by the universe…but is this what it’s supposed to look like? Apparently it is for me. And this is, after all, how it works — the more you dive into your authentic spiritual intuitive path, aka yourself, the more the world will show you.


How to dive in is exactly what I want to show you


Because the deeper you dive, the more you see the true you! It’s inside there, and yes, I’m sure you’ve seen on my website or online that the answers are all inside of you. Well, as true as that is, when we are buried underneath years of worldly stuff…how are you supposed to know which parts are yours, and which are someone else’s? People throw this “look inside yourself” phrase out as if it were something we were all taught to find. And maybe you were – which is fantastic – but for the rest of us, when we close our eyes to look inside, we just get overwhelmed by the unknown, or by all the chaos that’s trying to get our attention.


How do you cope? Many of us stop looking. Some might turn to others to tell them what’s inside, trusting another’s tools more than themselves. Others may hope that things will calm down eventually. And some wait or look for the right teacher to help them understand what’s inside.


This is why I do what I do. I can show you how to move things in your subtle space so that you can start to build a deeper relationship with yourself. I call my class Spiritual Housekeeping because, like a home, sometimes we need to spring clean, or to scrub out stuff that is sticky on a soul level. Wouldn’t it be nice to see inner chaos and have tools to start tidying up and creating order? 


Even though I have a sense of humor about cleaning house, this is really sacred work. Cleaning your own inner space is a powerful journey, and I don’t want to water it down or take away from your human experience as a spirit. But this work doesn’t exactly fit into common expectations. Most of us were taught that seeing is believing; so, if you can’t see it, does it really exist? 


How do you start to understand something you can’t see


First, we must break the mold around the common idea that what we see only comes through our physical eyes. To do this, we learn to tap into one of the greatest tools we have: our awareness. Once we’re aware of what lies behind the naked eye, then we can truly assess what’s in front of us, and have the ability to change. 


We do some of this already with boundaries and self-reflection. Mark Manson said it well:


Self-awareness is what makes you more empathetic and respectful to others; strong boundaries allow you to manage your emotions better; and having your shit under control allows you to not be a raging narcissist.

 – Mark Manson (Author of The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck)


Speaking of maintaining control and avoiding narcissism…as adults, we sometimes become skeptical or judgy of our experience, especially on the topic of the subtle body. I believe you will go further in life if you surrender into the experience in front of you. (This goes for these spiritual housekeeping tools as well as every other area of life.)


Why breaking into this work matters


Before we take on anything new, humans (especially adults) have to trust that we are going to get some benefit from it; otherwise why would we do it in the first place? So let me reassure you that there are benefits to surrendering to this process and learning the subtle body tools. They are really great for managing stress and trauma, and for gaining clarity. They are tools to help you build, manage, and maintain your whole space.  


When you start working with your energy body, it is a very personal experience. You start to be able to see and play with your energy – what is actually “you”, and what you have been taking on as if it’s your own. Where have you been piling on other people’s stuff, and how can you separate from that? You’ll start to get clearer and clearer on who you are and who you want to be. Once you can organize some of that chaos and get on top off all your stuff, you can slowly start to see what’s serving you, and what needs to go…


Developing these tools does take time. It’s a fun adventure you get to experience with yourself. I can’t be the one to tell you all the steps to get there, or even exactly where “there” is; you have to trust your own path, and the life experiences along the way. All I can say is, it’s worth it.


How I started down my spiritual path: embracing the weird


5-ish years ago, I met an incredible human (several really) who showed me how to do this energy management for myself. One person in particular was the first who could see into my deepest insides; she showed me how to rise above the uncomfortable social mold we try to squeeze into like skinny jeans. 


Through practicing these foundational energy tools (which I now teach) and using them as I walked my new path, I was able to discover a part of myself that was always present, but didn’t know how to come out and shine without feeling like a raw, exposed nerve ending, overstimulated by other life demands. 


Of course, I dove in head first. I had no clue what I was doing. Oh boy, have the last few years been a humbling path. The fun part about living on this road is, the more I dive into my spiritual and human journey, the simpler things get in my life. This doesn’t mean I don’t struggle or that things come easy to me – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The moment I opened the door to walking my true authentic path (ie breaking the social mold and embracing the ‘weird’), things became more rewarding and more uncomfortable at the same time — all the feels, all the time [insert sweaty emoji!].


This is why I call in lots of support. Especially if you were raised in the United States, you were probably praised for being independent and doing everything by yourself; it’s looked at as a weakness to ask for help or support. “Why can’t you figure this out on your own?”… Did you get that underlying message, too, or was that only my interpretation? Either way, it’s my commitment to break many social constraints put on us that cause stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The truth is you have many allies; some are here on this earth as your family members, friends, teachers, mentors, healers. And, with the universe being as big as it is, you also have non-physical support or guides. 


The universe is your ally


I know talking about spirits and guides is taking the ‘things-exist-that-you-can’t-see’ conversation to a different level. (I warned you, I’ve been called to share this stuff!) And if this doesn’t sit with you, that’s okay. You don’t have to believe anything I’m saying, but try it on for a minute.


We all love having a support system. And while people try to support one another, it’s a bit complicated. In my view, we are all here to love, teach, and experience this crazy journey called life together. We — myself included — don’t by any means have all the answers (I know I don’t want that level of responsibility, lol). We are here to help each other, to mirror our experiences and teach each other things. 


On the other hand, the universe will always have your back. It is the ultimate supportive ally — it never gets tired or needs to learn its own lessons. Your path is endless, personal, and unique to you. It’s also not a straight line, and you don’t have to travel it completely alone. Whatever life you choose to live, or whatever the world throws at you, the universe is in your corner — you may not always get to choose what’s coming your way, but we can support one another in the process.


Let’s start shaping our lives to fit us, rather than fitting into the shapes we’re “supposed” to be. Maybe it’s time to take a moment, rest, take a deep breath and dive in. You’re not alone — let’s link arms and dive in together!